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Why be a Multiplier?

Multipliers are vital to the launch and continued growth of Thousandfold, a global impact community inspired by Halftime.

Your generous gift above and beyond the standard membership investment of $1,000 USD is a critical component of our financial model to make membership accessible for leaders all over the world.

Thousandfold is built on an annual membership economic model. Upon launch, annual membership is $1,000 USD, and is adjusted to reflect equivalent value globally. Membership and investments made above and beyond are used exclusively for Thousandfold purposes. More specifically, all funds will be used to:

We are launching with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to deliver upon the value proposition. On-going improvements to the platform are expected as we learn how Members want to engage and be served. We will continue to work with our platform partner to enhance the experience.

Thousandfold is a global impact community. We are committed to making intentional efforts to go where Halftime has gone before us – and beyond! We recognize that many previous Halftime clients have not been engaged with us or in their mission for quite some time. Our outreach will require significant relational efforts to bring global Halftimers back “in the fold.”

Thousandfold builds on the foundation of Halftime’s expertise in helping leaders find their calling and expands the vision and tangible capabilities to helping them live out their calling in community. We have the opportunity and privilege to serve Members as they pursue missional, relational, and spiritual growth. This will require continuous development of new content and new alliances.

Your engagement as a Multiplier will not only enable the community to grow exponentially, but your continued involvement and insight will ensure that the cultivation of events, resources, thought leadership, and alliances are of the greatest value to the greatest number of members.

What is your commitment?

Invest a minimum of $5,000 USD in the Thousandfold global community.

Recruit other Halftimers you know to partner with you as a Multiplier.

Invite other Halftimers you know to join as Members of Thousandfold.

Share continued feedback on your own experience to help us shape the future of Thousandfold.

What can you expect to gain as a Multiplier?

Quarterly Impact Reports highlighting the exponential impact around the globe empowered by this community.

Invitations to on-going advisory sessions via Zoom to help determine the direction and future of Thousandfold.

Inclusion within the Thousandfold Global Community Platform to exclusive interactions and engagement with other Multipliers.

An icon on your Thousandfold Platform profile to indicate your involvement as a Multiplier within the global community.

FAQs: Thousandfold

What is Thousandfold?2022-11-11T15:44:38-06:00

Thousandfold is a global impact community inspired by Halftime. We are a catalytic, calling-driven movement that amplifies the unique passions, strengths, and purpose of each of our members to accelerate our individual and collective impact. We are a band of kindred spirits spurring “one another on toward love and good deeds” to create transformational change in each other and the world. A synergy of shared beliefs, vision alignment, and technology empowers collaboration without geographical limits like never before — so that every mission is undertaken by a force greater than the sum of its parts.

At Thousandfold, all we offer is the power to change y(our) world.

Why the name “Thousandfold”?2022-11-11T15:44:20-06:00

The name is “Hundredfold” to the power of ten, representing the global reach and impact power of
the community. Every Halftime hub in the Thousandfold community creates its own unique “hundredfold” yield from seed falling on good soil. Together, as a diverse yet aligned global collective, we have exponential power to change the world. The name also suggests the belonging of being “in the fold.”

Why did Halftime create Thousandfold? What is its purpose?2022-11-11T15:48:10-06:00

Thousandfold exists to enable Halftimers to move beyond personal purpose-finding programs to truly become part of a global movement of high-capacity leaders living out their God-given purpose in action.

As Bob Buford was fond of saying, “Our fruit grows on other peoples’ trees.” By creating this global community, we step fully into an opportunity we haven’t before. Think of Thousandfold as a calling incubator and accelerator for personal and collective growth. With intentionality and technology working hand in hand, we can unite and connect people worldwide. And we can extend our services to help leaders live out their calling-driven missions. With Thousandfold, we become a global movement of world-changers.

How does Thousandfold deliver on its purpose in action?2022-11-11T15:47:55-06:00

Members have round-the-clock, round-the-world access to the global network of people and resources
via the Thousandfold Global Community Platform: a modern, digital platform built to facilitate seamless global connectivity. This web-based portal and mobile app is designed to empower connection, collaboration, communication, and community. It also provides exclusive, 24/7 access to an unrivaled database of essential content, category expertise, learning resources, and coaching to accelerate each member’s journey.

Resources will be available across areas of interest, including multi-format content, thought leadership, self-paced curriculum, coaching, and programs designed to help members live a Thousandfold life. Members can also plug into cohort groups depending on their learning path, passion for impact, or geographical proximity. A Thousandfold Advocate makes a personal, one-on-one connection with each new community member within 72 hours to welcome you and help you get connected.

What is the relationship between Thousandfold and Halftime?2022-11-11T15:45:32-06:00

Thousandfold represents the global community of high-capacity leaders on like-minded journeys toward fulfillment and impact, while Halftime remains the localized provider of programming to help individuals get started on that lifelong journey.

Our vision is that Thousandfold will become a natural continuation of any Halftime program. We are building a community of those who want to pursue and activate what’s been ignited in them, in an environment designed to maximize successful outcomes. This is a major evolutionary step for Halftime.

Who is the ideal Thousandfold Member?2022-11-11T15:47:35-06:00

Thousandfold is for high-capacity leaders of influence who passionately seek an exponential return on life. High-capacity leaders want to leverage their influence, maximize their individual gifts, and multiply their impact. They can be any age, at any life stage, in any industry. What unites them is their embrace of the quest for intentional purpose in their lives, in their work, and in their communities.

What is the value proposition for Thousandfold Members?2022-11-11T15:47:13-06:00

Living out your life’s mission was never meant to be done in a vacuum. Membership in Thousandfold is a lasting, transformational experience that comes with genuine connections, high-impact collaboration, rich content, and exclusive access to people, resources, programs, and events to propel you forward on your calling-driven journey, no matter where you are in the process.

  • Tap into the ongoing and ever-evolving power of the movement even as your life shifts over time.
  • Embrace the joy of finding, understanding, envisioning, and activating a future so compelling you can’t not bring it to life.
  • Connect your passion, purpose, and vision to become a force for good in your sphere of influence.
  • Benefit from the confidence and support network of an aligned global community that has your back every step of the way.
What differentiates Thousandfold?2022-11-11T15:46:14-06:00

Thousandfold is built on the unique foundation only Halftime offers. While many organizations focus on creating impact, few dig into finding who you were created to be first. Our members’ understanding of who they were made to be, their aligned vision for a better world, and their common lexicon transforms the individual pursuit of purpose into a shared journey.

Thousandfold can augment any group you may currently be in to multiply your potential for impact.

Make it the first place you look for connection, advice, and enhanced capabilities to accelerate and enhance transformation in your life, your community, and the world around you.

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