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Our Mission

Inspired by Halftime, Thousandfold is a catalytic movement of  high-capacity leaders around the globe who seek to live out their God-given purpose in action and crave exponential return on life — just like you. Discover more about this powerful vision from Co-CEOs, Jim Stollberg and Tom McGehee by watching the video below.

Following the official launch of Thousandfold in November 2022, we began 2023 with eager optimism about all that would unfold during our first, full calendar year. In this report, we seek to highlight just a few of the ways God has worked in and through Thousandfold in 2023.

Reflecting on the Year

Reflecting on the past year fills us with gratitude and excitement for the incredible journey we have embarked on. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our valued Members and Multipliers who have contributed to the remarkable success of Thousandfold.

We’re seeing fruit grow on so many more trees. In just over a year, our community has taken root and begun to flourish, with an expanding network of mission-driven leaders whose efforts have gained greater visibility!

Your unwavering support has played a vital role in shaping this vibrant and growing community. Together, we have co-created a space that fosters connection, collaboration, and multiplying Kingdom impact.

Here are some highlights that showcase the impact we’ve made together:

As we celebrate these achievements, we deeply appreciate your trust and partnership. Your belief in this vision drives us, and we are committed to advancing this journey toward greater impact with you.

Looking ahead, we are excited about the opportunities in the coming year. With your continued support, we’ll build on this strong foundation to multiply impact alongside leaders like you for years to come.

Thank you for being an integral part of this incredible journey. We’re honored to stand with you who share our passion for living on-mission.

Humbly with Purpose and Passion,

Tom McGehee & Jim Stollberg
Co-Chief Executive Officers

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From Isolation to Inspiration

Community Highlight: Women @ Halftime

An element of the vision for Thousandfold is to expand the opportunities to reach and impact mission-minded leaders. For years, Halftimers have noted that there are realities in navigating the halftime stage of life that are unique to women. Therefore, offering a female-focused experience would add value to the overall community of Halftimers.

In God’s providential timing, in parallel to the Halftime team preparing to launch Thousandfold, Carolyn Castleberry Hux (Halftime Coach) and Shayne Moore (Halftime Alumna) were preparing to publish Women @ Halftime, a book full of stories and coaching exercises. And while the logical next step to reading Women @ Halftime was to connect with other like-minded women to work through the journey together, Thousandfold now provided a platform that would make that connection possible.

In 2023, the Women @ Halftime Community was launched via Thousandfold. Twenty women with diverse backgrounds and experiences committed to connecting with each other on a regular rhythm to explore their personal callings and support each other on the journey toward greater impact. Led by Carolyn, this group of high-impact women have identified their smoldering discontent and are actively working to fan their latent energy into flame.

As we look to 2024, the facilitation team for the Women @ Halftime Community is expanding to serve new Cohorts launching. So far, nineteen women have said ‘yes’ to reigniting their purpose and beginning the journey. We celebrate that through this initiative, more women are being reached and empowered to “turn their dreamers back on.”

Dreaming of Greater Impact

Nashville Halftimer, Christie White, recently embarked on the journey of identifying her purpose and bringing her passions to life. Through Thousandfold, Christie gained access to connections, resources, and collaborative conversations to propel her forward.

In addition to participating in a Nashville Roundtable, Christie joined the Women @ Halftime Community within Thousandfold for additional support. She is now exploring her personal calling alongside high-impact women who are embracing the desire to live lives of impact, joy and fellowship.

Because of Thousandfold, Christie gained exposure to individuals making a difference in their unique areas of passion, whom she may have never met otherwise. For example, Christie joined an interactive conversation with 55+ leaders from many organizations and diverse backgrounds — all passionate about impacting Africa and inspiring hope and practical resources to tackle the issue of food insecurity. Christie is now dreaming of ways to bring her own passions to life.

The inspiration and connections sparked by Thousandfold have been invaluable — both to members who are just beginning their journey of impact as well as seasoned Halftimers and leaders from synergistic organizations. We can’t wait to see how God continues to move!

“I’m looking for more purpose. I’ve been trying to do it on my own – trying to attach myself to different things – and just starting [on this journey], it’s incredible – it’s just what I need.”

“I feel like I’m in transition…and [this] seems like a strategic place for a lot of folks so I’m looking to learn and hoping to slow my brain down enough to ask some good questions and listen for how God leads me.”

Building A Brighter Future

Community Highlight: Impact Africa

In Thousandfold, we seek to spark collaboration and connectivity that leads to global impact. In May of 2023, members launched the Impact Africa Community, a gathering of leaders who are passionate about Africa and want to explore the impact that God is having on this diverse and dynamic continent.

This community provides opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, hear from inspiring speakers, and discover what’s possible when we unite under a common goal. Members are invited to come and be a part of this transformational experience and discover how they can play a role in shaping the future of Africa.

Building Hope

In October 2022, Thousandfold members Christian Hilliard (June 2019 Halftime Fellow), Bruce White (November 2020 Halftime Fellow), and Greg Holsinger (March 2022 Halftime Fellow) said “yes” to an Impact Experience in Rwanda alongside Dale Dawson (Halftime Board Member) and Marsha Gordon (Halftime Coach). Outside of the bustling hub of Kigali, they visited the remote village of Sunzu.

Their encounter with the local preschool revealed a huge need: overcrowded classrooms and children being taught on the steps of the building due to limited space. They quickly learned that 120 kids were eagerly waiting for a space to open…for an opportunity to learn and grow.

“How much would building a space for these 120 kids cost?” they inquired. The $34,000 USD response elicited a quick “yes!” from the trio.

This seamlessly aligned with Bruce’s construction expertise, Greg’s recent business sale in the preschool sector, and Christian’s commitment to fostering employment opportunities.

Over the following four months, the group monitored construction progress via video chats, actively contributing their insights and expertise. Collaborating with Jibu — a project led by Thousandfold member Randy Welsch (Halftime Institute 2010) — they ensured a vital supply of fresh, clean water. Additionally, they provided space for the Yambi Women’s Coop – another impactful member-led project — empowering these women to exhibit their work.

As talented, passionate individuals, Christian, Bruce, Greg, Randy, and Chris each certainly would have made an impact. But by collaborating together, leveraging their unique gifts and talents, these members orchestrated multiplied impact through a pivotal opportunity meant “for such a time as this.”

Their contribution not only built a preschool but also generated employment for 54 adults, predominantly women, which will help sustain the community for generations to come. The grand opening in September 2023 welcomed 120 children on the cusp of their educational journey. Each student will also receive daily support from OneEgg —yet another impactful initiative led by community member, Chris Ordway (Halftime Program 2011).

The lasting significance of this project resonates deeply. These leaders’ investment in Sunzu promises a legacy that will positively shape future generations. Check out these clips of impact and be encouraged!

Raising Up the Next Generation of World Changers

Community Highlight: Mentoring

Thousandfold is deeply committed to mentoring the next generation, recognizing the pivotal role mentorship plays in personal and professional development. Our dedication stems from the belief that investing in emerging leaders creates a ripple effect of positive change. Through mentoring, we aim to pass on knowledge, experiences, and insights that empower young leaders to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and tap into their unique callings.

By investing in mentorship resources, Thousandfold aims to inspire and equip the next generation with the tools they need to lead with purpose and make a lasting impact in their respective fields – all to contribute to a brighter future.

Next Generation Impact

Today’s young leaders desire to make a lasting impact, fight for justice, and see the world change…but so often have no idea where to start.

  • They long for wholeness but live disjointedly.
  • They long for adventure and real purpose but don’t know how to live differently.
  • They need voices that cut to the chase and resonate with the inner rebel.
  • They are roaring for change, in their own lives, in our communities, and around the world.

Hannah & Aaron Barnett are leading a team of hungry young leaders who are building the community they want to be a part of through Generation Distinct. Born out of their own personal experiences and passions, they have created a process to help emerging leaders discover their purpose – the wrong they were born to make right.

Jay Mason, Halftime Fellow, is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 30 years of starting and growing nearly a dozen highly successful businesses, many in the health technology sector. As a strategist, he regularly advises other high growth enterprises nationally as well as serves on numerous for profit and non-profit boards.

Jay, Hannah, and Aaron’s paths crossed in 2020 through relationships and connections that ultimately track back to Bob Buford — another beautiful example of Bob’s fruit growing on other peoples’ trees.

Jay, Hannah, and Aaron joined us in Thousandfold to share their mentor/mentee experience and how each of them are living on mission with multiplying impact as a result.

Are you passionate about developing and mobilizing the next generation of leaders to make a difference for good? Check out these additional conversations designed to propel you forward.

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Thank You!

As we conclude the past year, our hearts are filled with gratitude for your partnership and collaboration. We sincerely thank each one of you for contributing to the remarkable impact we’ve achieved together. Your role in shaping this vibrant and thriving community cannot be overstated. With your ongoing support, we are confident that we will build upon this solid foundation and continue to make a difference for good in the years to come. It is a privilege to pursue greater impact alongside you.

Thank you!

The Thousandfold Team

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