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It’s time to live the life
you were made for.

Join Thousandfold, a global impact community
inspired by Halftime™.

Thousandfold is a catalytic movement of  high-capacity leaders around the globe who seek to live out their God-given purpose in action and crave exponential return on life — just like you.


Genuine connections and high-impact collaboration with like-minded leaders of influence around the globe.


Exclusive, on-demand access to coaching, content, resources, programs, and events to propel you forward.


Personalized activation and support so you can leverage the full power of the global Thousandfold community.


Thousandfold is a calling incubator and accelerator for personal and collective growth.


Get connected in the Fold with a facilitated activation session.


Dig in on your own and find the formats and affinities that fit your needs.


Increase impact by living on-mission and helping others do the same.


Community. Connection. Content. Collaboration.


Membership is a high-touch-meets-high-tech experience designed to propel you forward on your calling-driven journey.

Once you join the Fold, you will be warmly welcomed into a facilitated Activation Group of peers to help you quickly get plugged in, exploring what the community has to offer and engaging with leaders with similar passions and interests as yours.

No matter where you are in the process, you’ll be supported by a community of like-minded friends and peers in joyful pursuit of living their best Thousandfold lives — and helping you do the same.


Join the world’s most impactful network of mission-driven high-capacity leaders.

Think of Thousandfold as a global community of kindred spirits “spurring one another on toward love and good deeds” to create transformational change in each other and the world.

Leverage your influence, maximize your gifts, and multiply your impact like never before in a global community far greater than the sum of its parts.


A diverse yet aligned global collective of leaders, passionate about exponential impact.

“Our fruit grows on other people’s trees.”



Halftime created Thousandfold to convene calling-driven leaders of influence into a global movement of world changers helping each other to live out their God-given purpose in action.

Thousandfold is a natural extension of Halftime’s long-standing role as the world’s foremost provider of purpose-finding programs for high-capacity leaders. Halftimers’ understanding of who they were made to be, their aligned vision for a better world, and their common lexicon transforms the individual pursuit of purpose into a shared journey of exponential impact.


Why the name “Thousandfold”?2023-06-19T12:49:42-05:00

Thousandfold is a global impact community. The name means “100x to the power of ten,” representing the global reach and impact potential of the community. Through the forming of collaborative and diverse partnerships, every member in the community has the exponential power to change the world through their unique calling. The name also suggests a sense of belonging by being “in the fold”.

What are the benefits of joining Thousandfold?2023-06-19T12:50:13-05:00

Members have 24/7 seamless access to a global network of people and resources who want to make a difference. The web-based portal and mobile app is designed to empower connection, collaboration, and community through excellent multi-format content, thought leadership, and subject-matter expertise, the latest learning resources and self-paced curriculum, one-to-one coaching, and opportunities to participate in relevant affinity groups and live webinars with others who are living out their mission. The vision is to see 100,000+ members connected!

What is the relationship between Thousandfold and Halftime?2023-06-19T12:49:28-05:00

Initially, Halftime launched Thousandfold in 2022 to serve its alumni and build a community of high-capacity leaders who want to pursue and activate what’s been ignited in them, in an environment designed to maximize successful outcomes. This was a major evolutionary step for Halftime.

As Thousandfold began to grow in 2023, leadership quickly recognized a greater opportunity to unite individuals, partners, ministries, and organizations eager to see a greater return on their efforts as followers of Jesus to change the world for good.

Halftime remains the expert provider of programming to help individuals get started on their lifelong journey of impact. Thousandfold membership is the natural accelerator of any leader’s pursuit of impact.

Who can join Thousandfold?2023-06-19T12:49:58-05:00

Thousandfold is open to high-capacity leaders and influencers who passionately seek an exponential return on life. They want to leverage their influence and maximize the use of their gifts and strengths to multiply their impact. What unites Thousandfold members is their intentional pursuit of their unique purpose in their lives, work, and communities.

How do I get started?2023-06-19T12:48:55-05:00

Fill out the form below to “join the fold” today!

Join the Fold.

thousandfoldThousandfold Membership Application

This member-supported community seeks to inspire, equip, and support individuals who are passionate about making the world a better place by living out the unique call or purpose they believe God has created for them. 

Spurred on by the example of Jesus to love their neighbor and the belief that we are all created to do good, our hope is that this community will help every member draw closer to Jesus as their source of inspiration, strength, and motivation.

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