Members have round-the-clock, round-the-world access to the global network of people and resources
via the Thousandfold Global Community Platform: a modern, digital platform built to facilitate seamless global connectivity. This web-based portal and mobile app is designed to empower connection, collaboration, communication, and community. It also provides exclusive, 24/7 access to an unrivaled database of essential content, category expertise, learning resources, and coaching to accelerate each member’s journey.

Resources will be available across areas of interest, including multi-format content, thought leadership, self-paced curriculum, coaching, and programs designed to help members live a Thousandfold life. Members can also plug into cohort groups depending on their learning path, passion for impact, or geographical proximity. A Thousandfold Advocate makes a personal, one-on-one connection with each new community member within 72 hours to welcome you and help you get connected.