Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Thousandfold !

It’s been quite a ride spending the past few months building the backbone for Thousandfold and renovating the space since our first Hello last May at FOTOSEMANA 2015 . Floors were stripped, walls came down, new ones built, wood and steel, hamhamhammering, buckets of sweat, sweet is the sound of power tools, as the monsoon came, spreadsheets, memory cards, making friends with Googleapps, coffeecups, books unpacked, gloves on, shelves installed . Los gatos came back and a talented young photographer Erin Nøir also came on board as Thousandfold’s Studio Manager and then a steady stream of interns and volunteers . It’s been non-stop for the small but tight crew at Thousandfold laying the groundwork and finally… HERE WE ARE . We’re rigged and ready . All for you .

Our doors are OPEN and the WEBSITE is finally up as well! Mike Ricca has been working on this massive database for months so we can bring the entire inventory of our PHOTOBOOK LIBRARY accessible online for your reference . We’ve also got our tech on by extending our BOOKSTORE securely online so people outside of Manila can purchase hard-to-find independent photobooks and photozines made by our local artists and those from our international friends .

With a clear grasp of reality, the initiative is designed to be self-sustainable through the support by and for its Members. By joining our MEMBERSHIP and PATRON PROGRAM, we are able to acquire new books to keep the library fresh, to organize and join international events and art book fairs, to mount programs and invite topnotch instructors and visiting artists, to fund publishing projects, and finally to always provide scholarship grants for every WORKSHOP we host. And lastly, we also stand firm against “Those who teach, don’t” by continuously engaging and collaborating on experiments, small and big, to cross-pollinate with different photographic media on our PROJECTS platform. Our first one was co-publishing Czar Kristoff’s first photozine “FUGUE” via THOUSANDFOLD SMALL PRESS, and recently our waiting-to-open made bearable by looking at “folding” with Julo Cope and his cinemagraphs made alongside Thousandfold.

There’s a lot to chew what we set out to hold for the community and you can read it all HERE. In essence, THOUSANDFOLD exists because of an idea and a vision for a place dedicated for Artists-in-Progress* working our way into understanding our own processes and practice within the spherical context of global contemporary photography… telescoping from a non-descript warehouse in Manila, Philippines.

A lot of people have asked me the reason why I set out to create this. Drawing from such a diverse experience with photography and my own art practice as well, my inertia to start this up is from a very transparent desire to contribute something we don’t have yet in the Philippines. It’s a joy to share the pleasure of photography in its natural home—the print—and the distinct voice of artists using the medium to express all lights and darknesses. This is not just for photographers but to anyone who likes pictures. It’s something like when you hear a really good band, you just want to tell the world and invite everyone to check it out!

Help us spread the word out to your friends through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We’re gifting our first 50 Members with lucky Sanseveria plants (because we’re Pinoy like that, suerte)!

Read up on what’s in store for you this month SNEAKPEEK SEPTEMBER. We surely hope you take advantage of all the perks and be a part of the beginnings of Thousandfold, your new culture space in Manila ! VISIT US soon !

Here we are now .


Wawi Navarroza

(*coined by my friend, the photographer Jay Yao)