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THOUSANDFOLD is an artist-run initiative dedicated to contemporary photography and photobooks based in Manila, Philippines. Founded in 2015, Thousandfold’s first space in a Taguig warehouse formed a nucleus of activities centered on the exchange and promotion of the works of Filipino photographers in dialogue with practitioners and institutions locally and worldwide through participation in fairs and festivals, and critical programming including talks, workshops, slideshows and curated events that bring the photography community together.

Our PHOTOBOOK LIBRARY is the first in the Philippines to be opened publicly with a growing archive of 200++ recent local and international titles, also founding PHOTOBOOK CLUB MANILA in the same year. Through THOUSANDFOLD SMALL PRESS, we push for the production of new works and more publication of Filipino content by working with invited photographers to create distinctive photobooks, artist books, and handmade photozines. We have our eyes on bodies of work seen from a self-reflexive point of view, beyond single images. Today, as Thousandfold transitions from losing the space over an unfortunate fire in 2016, we push on and continue to be active promoting opportunities online and working on SPECIAL PROJECTS.

We offer services and consultancy for events and projects within our specialization such as photography, education, publishing, exhibitions, curatorial assistance.

Contact : info(at)
FB/IG:@ThousandfoldPH #ThousandfoldPH
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